Silver Pewter Carafe Set by Tincup ArtLori creates hand painted & custom designed wine glasses, carafes & wine sets. Each Individual wine glass is Bohemian or Czechoslovakian Crystal.  All ceramic paste colors are available on any of the 18 oz. Universal (white wine) or Balloon (red wine) glasses. Martini, beer glasses or mugs, champagne flutes and various sizes like 12, 14 and 30 oz. glasses are also available but as custom orders.

The 4 Bridesmaids by Tin Cup Art

The 4 Bridesmaids

The ceramic paste is brushed on in 2 layers, the 3rd being the metallic piping around the leaves, then baked to give the unique look of Raku pottery, so durable that it’s guaranteed microwave & dishwasher safe.

The color combinations are endless! You also have a choice from the ‘Traditional Bamboo Leaves” which is usually the first choice, or you can have, what I call, “Chubby Leaves”….which tend to swirl upwards.  The latter is usually chosen for wedding party’s. Names can be placed on base of the stem, the choice is yours.  (See “The Four Bridesmaid’s”) and their colours.

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