Hand -designed water jug potbelly green purple silver designVases, Jugs, Pitchers, and everyday drinking glasses. This beautifully, decorated glass is guaranteed microwave & dishwasher safeBelow are just a few of the Vases and Pitchers that are available at the moment.  My stock changes all the time, especially when I find the unusual, true, coloured glass, people love them even more than the clear.

For example with the Pitchers, the Ceramic Paste works in reverse of the Teapots and Mugs.  First, when there’s ice in with the beverage, the paste is helpful if there’s condensation on the outside…the texture helps prevents slippage.  Secondly, it keeps your beverage insulated, again, but, colder, longer!

Some people think that spray painting glass, is a coloured glass, but it’s not.  Over the years, I’ve become somewhat of an expert on what true coloured glass is.  If it is NOT true…..the ceramic paste could and will come off,  not to mention the sprayed paint.I usually see this with vases only, someone’s idea of  ‘re-decorating”, I guess.  There is also glass that has a glaze put on to it, after the actual glass piece has been blown,  this too will come off in the dishwasher and making a mess of everything.

It’s very rare to find true coloured glass, and is priceless, when I finish a piece.

Just to mention, most of the vases I do acquire are “useful art “ in two ways..,  as a flower keeper, but also as a hurricane lamp.  Just use a pillar candle inside the vase and the metallics give off  a beautiful glow as well.  All of my vases are one of a kind as I acquire glass of unusual shapes and colours that cannot be duplicated….I will and can copy designs on other glass pieces that have may have been sold…and all vases are signed by myself…..so it is a piece of useful art.

There are infinite colour combinations ….If there is a green base paste, then the metallics could be silver, blue and green…..or gold, blue and green….similar but so different!

If you want to place a custom order, say to match your dinner set, how you would do that is think of what colour the base paste should be, then take a look at the colours around you or on your plate….and we’d go from there.  Most of the time, people just love to have their favorite colours on one piece…I’m good with that too.

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