Tea & Coffee


What I strive to use with my art, is a high quality glass. Thin, cheap glass can easily break, it’s so ‘brittle’, it ‘tanks’ instead of “tink”. The Mugs and Teapots I use are very sturdy.

The Teapots are a borcelicate glass. When people lift it off the table, they think it’s made of plastic, because it’s so light. The Teapots are from 45oz to 55 oz…that’s about 5-1/2 cups of tea per pot…so it’s nice to have the light weight in the first place and is cheaper to send in the mail. I have 4 to 5 different shapes of teapot…some with a glass lid, and the others with a stainless steel lid….ALL teapots, though, have a stainless steel ‘diffuser’…so you can have loose leaf tea. ALL teapots, pour beautifully, no ‘glug glug spirt”.

This beautifully, decorated glass is guaranteed microwave & dishwasher safe.

All the glassware I use have a few things in common… For instance, having the paste on the teapots and mugs, acts like an insulator...it keeps the hot beverage, hot, longer, like a permanent tea cozy.

There are infinite colour combinations ….If  you like green, then a green base paste should be the first start. Then the metallics could be silver, blue and green…..or gold, blue and green….similar but so different!   

I usually do a ‘leaf’ design on the Teapots and matching mugs. The Pedestal Coffee mugs are 16 oz and can also be used for tea with a ball diffuser. Sometimes, I get carried away and create a new design, that may or may not be used ever again.

(See the ‘dripping” black silver, teal and bronze teapot with the “Silver Bubbles” – shown above)

If you want to place a custom order, say to match your dinner set, you would think of what colour the base paste should be, then take a look at the colours around you or on your plate….and we’d go from there. Most of the time, people just love to have their favorite colours on one piece…I’m available to discuss any options by email or phone.

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