Hand-designed glasswareLori creates custom-designed gifts for any occasion. Whether you need something special for a wedding, birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas or just for yourself, why not choose a customized gift? Lori creates any gift and can paint on many different types of glassware, order your wine glasses, wine carafe, wine set, mugs, teapot sets, water jugs, vases, candle holders, house warming gifts and more. Order yours today!

Customized orders are a great way to go as you have the option to choose the colours and type of leaves….I’ve even done it on lampshade bases…as long as it can fit into my oven, there’s no limit to design or colours.

All decorated glass gifts are guaranteed microwave & dishwasher safe.

For example, Weddings usually have a colour theme…I can match that theme and put it on wine glasses, or champagne flutes or even table center pieces and the glow of the lights (or candles) will capture the soft shine of the metallics.

Or, if you have a piece of Glass, of any size, or shape that you want an updated look on, you’ll be amazed at the transformation using the metallic ceramic paste.  Anything that’s Glass, Ceramic or Stoneware/ Pottery can be enhanced to make it look new and beautiful.    

Most of the pieces you see in this Gift Gallery are previous orders but may give you some ideas of what can be achieved. I create all the designs and send samples to you before I seal the product by baking it. Mostly, people just let me do the “artists rendition” on anything, and they end up with something unusual and one-of-a-kind….

I always carry ‘blanks’ of a variety sizes of Vases, Teapots, mugs and drink ware.  Vases are one-of-a-kind, and are signed by myself….sometimes I even sign the bottom of Jugs too, as every piece of glass that I do is a piece of art…..”Useable Art”.

Contact Lori today to custom create your gift.