Art Process


Why do I coin the phrase “*Raku” on Glass?

Phase-2-Blue-gold-Green-Mug*Raku Pottery is pottery, heated quickly and then “thrown” in to dirt, mud and debris when hot, to create that beautiful metallic sheen in amongst the non-glazed areas of the piece.

How It’s Done on Glass

The Ceramic “Art Paste” I use comes from a creator of porcelain dolls and vases.  The formula of the dimensional paste is very hush, hush, but we do guarantee it to be totally lead free and clear of any harmful chemicals.

Three Phases to Make this Beautiful, Useful Art.

  I do not make the glass, I only enhance it, all the paste stroke work is done by hand, by myself.

First-Step-of-C.mugI  prep the glass by cleaning with soap and water, then with rubbing alcohol.  At this point, I decide on a design and colour and start placing the “Base” paste using my favorite brush.  Next,  is the real fun part, applying the “Metallic Paste”.  I use 2-3 colours on the brush and make sure that the base coat is fully covered.  The metallic starts out as a dull sheen when wet, but after an hour you can see it evolve into a shiny gleam.

Once dried, I use a small squeeze bottle to pipe outside the leaf and create ‘vines’.  This seals the 2 previous layers and enhances the distinctive look and unique texture of Tin Cup Art.  Finally, the glass is baked so that it evaporates any moisture and permanently fuses the paste on to the glass, guaranteeing it to be microwave & dishwasher safe.

Tin Cup Art - Rainforest Arts
Enjoy this video of Lori Schiersmann showing how she decorates glassware with Raku paste